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GROUP: association, society, alliance, coalition, league, union, council, bloc, federation, community, clan, totem, caste, fellowship, guild, brotherhood, sisterhood, club, faction, sect, clique, circle, ring, crew, crowd, ingroup, team, organization, institution, institute, affiliation, chapter, membership, lodge.

And this is only a sampling! Clearly, the English speaking world places high importance on these concepts, judging from the quantity of the words. The zodiac sign Aquarius is about both the group and the individual; about our commonality within groups and our individual uniqueness. From our initial perspective, it may seem like these concepts are mutually exclusive, yet each is tethered resolutely to the other. In honour of Uranus travelling through its native sign, Aquarius, this article will extensively examine the inter-dynamics of groups and the individuals that form them.

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By the time we have concluded our trek through the land of Aquarius, it will be difficult to tell them apart. The drive for connection with other human beings is one of the most primal instincts in human nature. We are social animals who exist in families, tribes, villages and cities. We belong to circles of friends, synagogues, churches, temples, workplaces, neighbourhoods, clubs and constituencies. We seek out each other's company to share information, for mirroring of who we are, and because, as a whole, the group can accomplish more than its individual members alone.

A group is indeed greater than the sum of its parts. Although composed of distinct, unique individuals, a group will take on a life of its own and become an entity in its own right. Like a river made up of many droplets of water, a group of people will also contain currents, eddies, cascades and shifting tides. Group dynamics rise out of the collective gestalt, much as psychological impulses spring from an individual's psyche.

I keep having to wipe the stuff off If we believe our group approves of and supports certain behaviour, we are more likely to emulate that behaviour rather than risk alienation and disapproval. If we think the group disapproves of or discourages certain actions, then we are more likely to avoid those actions especially within that group. This may even happen despite our personal beliefs, values or better judgment.

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Peer pressure is a mighty force to be reckoned with! Our first experience of the need to belong comes to us in childhood, in our family of origin. Here, belonging was, at its most crucial level, a life or death prospect in which our very survival depended on being accepted as a member in good standing with our family. To deviate from the family's good graces was to risk abandonment, isolation, rejection and disconnection.

Hence, we conformed to a large degree to our family's expectations and set our inner compass according to the family group dynamics — often without even realizing it. As adults, we have options that we didn't have as children. We can take greater risks asserting our individuality, since abandonment and rejection don't bring the same life or death consequences. However, we're still subject to the intense human need to be accepted and esteemed by our community. We still depend on our environment for our livelihood, companionship, mirroring, intimacy and commerce.

It's extremely difficult to live as a hermit, particularly if we still want the advantages and perks offered by the collective society. Happiness is a warm keyboard This can lead to awkward, even painful consequences if we do something that leads to alienation from mainstream society or from our groups of choice. Rejection is one of the chief fears that motivate human beings, be it by one's family, friends or community at large. We all need to belong and are thus prone to compromising our ethics, morals, beliefs, opinions or integrity when our well being within the group is at stake.

We may look the other way when something seems amiss, afraid that if we speak out we'll become a target for criticism. Perhaps we want to avoid rocking the boat, so we agree on the outside when we really disagree inside, our dissention being camouflaged by silence. Our complicity in group dynamics can occur in many ways. If we do risk speaking out or go against the grain for some reason, we may have to endure criticism, rejection, alienation, disconnection or banishment.

Depending on how much our dissension is seen as a threat to group cohesion, the response may be mild or severe, evoking anything from raised eyebrows to outright retaliation. But if you strangle the person who gives you the weird look, they lock you up! It is within this breeding ground that scapegoats are born — one of the uglier dynamics that can emerge in groups. The original meaning of a scapegoat was apparently a ritual in which the townspeople would project the problems of the village onto a goat, then set it away, believing it would carry their problems with it.

I suspect that if the people were truly ready to let go of the dynamics which fostered their problems, such a ritual could have a powerful effect. However, if this action was merely out of desperation and the root dynamics of the problems and conflicts remained firmly entrenched, such a ritual would be unlikely have much effect in the long run. In terms of group dynamics, scapegoating is typically a function of the group's attempt to rid itself of a persistent problem by ejecting the person s they believe to be the source of the problem.

Perhaps the most horrendous example of the scapegoating dynamic is that of the holocaust, in which millions of Jews and other "social undesirables" were strategically exterminated. Hitler lead a movement which saw Germany's problems as being the fault of an "impure" populace. The result was genocide at its worst. Another example of what I believe to be scapegoating, this time in modern day Ontario, Canada, is Premier Harris' policy of blaming those who partake of social programs for today's economic problems.

When there are few jobs to be found, are the unemployed who collect welfare and unemployment insurance the cause or the result of the root problem? When those who are barely physically mobile, or who must remain attached to cumbersome medical equipment in order to survive, are refused the renewal of their right to Wheel Trans transit for the physically disabled , forcing them to remain effectively house bound, is the provincial government not attempting to rid itself of its economic woes by penalizing those who least deserve and can ill-afford to shoulder it?

These actions are frequently called "blaming the victim," assigning blame to those who can least defend themselves. Unfortunately, the Harris government appears to genuinely believe that by eliminating much of the funding to these sub-groups unemployed, disabled, etc. Despite mounting protest, there are those who continue to support the actions of this government.

On a more individual and astrological level, the experience of being alienated from the group for reasons beyond one's control can be painfully familiar to someone with strong Aquarius energy in their chart. For the rest of us, the houses where Uranus and Aquarius are found in our charts, as well as the 11th House, may be where we feel like outsiders estranged and detached from the rest of the group or where we feel particularly connected to the group e.

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Once a current swells within a group to flush away its problems by citing one or more people as the cause, it is very difficult to turn this tide. It takes a heroic effort of awareness, objectivity and openness to a balanced perspective, on the part of the group's members, to stabilize the panic of scapegoating with an attitude of reason, impartiality, fairness and humanity. Unfortunately, there are few individuals and fewer groups who are capable of sustaining this balance in the face of compelling peer persuasion.

Hence, it is probable that few groups are able to stem the tide of scapegoat ism once it has begun. Even voices raised in objection can be lost in the dominating energy. Witness how little the mounting outrage and protests in Ontario have affected the Harris government's momentum. Hopefully, as you do, you'll be inspired to re-imagine your life as a wonder tale; you'll reframe the events of the "real world" around you as being elements in a richly entertaining wonder tale. Why do I recommend this?

Because wonder tales are like waking dreams that reveal the wishes and curiosities and fascinations of your deep psyche. And I think you will benefit profoundly in the coming weeks from consciously tuning in to those wishes and curiosities and fascinations. How far do you dare to go in your quest for self-mastery? You'll have a special talent for piercing through the outer trappings of their personalities so as to gaze at the essence beneath.

AQUARIUS October 2019 - BIG HUGE CONFORMATION! - SURPRISE! - Omen & LOVE - Aquarius Horoscope Tarot

It's as if your eyes will be blessed by an enhancement that enables you to discern what's often hidden. This upgrade in your perception may at times be unsettling. For some of the people you behold, the difference between how they present themselves and who they actually are will be dramatic. But for the most part, penetrating to the depths should be fun, enriching, even healing.

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