Scorpio horoscope october 14 2019

Scorpio Weekly Horoscope 30 September - 6 October, 12222

For starters, you can afford to be choosy. You have many people from whom you can choose an appropriate lover. In this sense, it is a blessing. On the other side, you are likely to have multiple partners in the course of your life.

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This will expose you to the risk of emotional turmoil, heartbreaks, and such other disappointments. This can take its toll on your health. You are a sensitive soul. As such, you are offended quite easily when your lover proves disloyal. As such, it is important that you let your partner understand this from the onset. It will save you much trouble. The stars show that you will found a solid family with your ideal partner. You are a perfect match for creative, loyal, and affectionate lovers. You are best suited for a person born under the Gemini, Pisces, and Aquarius zodiacs.

You are highly compatible with such a lover. The planetary alignment indicates that you are least compatible with a Leo. You have different outlooks on the important issues in life. This means that your relationship with them would not end well. Thus, we strongly advise against it! October 14 zodiac people are in command of their emotions.

In fact, you rely on your emotions to map out your paths in life. Although some people may frown on this, it has served you quite well in the past. In addition, you have a well-developed artistic streak to your nature. You are able to take in most of the details in your environment at one glance. Those born on October 14 are responsive to the needs of all they meet. You have a charitable personality, and you are heavily involved in endeavors that add value to your society. All the same, you have some negative traits that you need to work on.

For example, you have some fears that you have not fully defined. You tend to be too cautious.

This prevents you from enjoying life to the fullest. Also, you tend to over-emphasize some negative past experiences you went through. This will curtail how much you can grow. All in all, you have what you need to reach the next level. Use what Mother Nature has given you to move resolutely forward. You share the October 14 birthday with many prominent people from across the globe. Here are five of them:. October 14 zodiac people are in the 3rd decan of Libra. You are in the same category as those who were born between October 14 and October The planet Mercury is instrumental in this decan.

Your superiors might give you some room and it will be healthy for you, says Ganesha.

Experienced people will give you highly esteemed advise. You are going to be exceptionally intense with your emotions today. You will, no doubt, succeed in making an impressed and you will be so involved in this that you are likely to get caught in the mysterious and magical web of relationships.

However, you are advised not to get too mixed up in personal affairs and focus on more meaningful things instead. Your temper might harm someone's feelings today.

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You must help others in their troubles and you ought to reflect on the toll that the troubles that have visited you have taken on you, and accordingly empathise with others, says Ganesha. You will be busy doing the routine work and will find contentment in the mundane. The absence of thrill and adventure doesn't mean that you'll be free for the most part of the day.

Don't worry things will change tomorrow! Your mind will be filled with conflicting emotion and you will feel extreme happiness one moment, and then will be depressed the next. You need to guard against mood swings and find a balance to achieve success in your work today.

You will get some great gains today. The extraordinary way in which you do things will earn you many admirers. Superiors at work will laud you for your commitment. Evenings will be fun-filled and entertaining. All things will go as per your wishes.

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Ganesha says today is a good day for government-related work and those of you who are government employees will be able to get good results for their work. Your work will be rewarded and your performance and you will be able to have a heart to heart talk with your loved one. Your friends and soul mates will bring you relief and calm today, says Ganesha. However, you should make time for self-care this day. As a sign prone to intense emotions, at times you can literally worry yourself sick.

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The following day, Friday, September 13 , brings a full moon in fellow water sign Pisces. During the day, look forward to the culmination of professional projects, but at night, let yourself get a little wild. Pisces has a hard time saying no to a little cannabis , and full moons are notorious for bringing out our wild sides. So chill out or party with friends, just make sure not to say something you'll regret.

On Wednesday, September 18 , Saturn goes direct. Now is the time to take everything you've been working on over the past few months and release it into the world. If your profession includes writing or creative projects, this could mean a step up in your career. All Scorpios will be faced with how they affect their community, as well as the responsibility that comes with it. The very next day, Thursday, September 19 , a once-a-year transit occurs when your ruling planet, warrior Mars, trines your other ruling planet, Pluto, which rules death and rebirth. You have to go for what you want this day.

Ask for what you want professionally.