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This card symbolizes choices and decisions that you need to make. Number 7 — This number signifies analysis, introspection, deep thoughts and spiritual awakening. Number 6 — This number signifies a healer who is unselfish and nurturing, trying to balance everything in life.

Red: This color stands for charged emotions, passion, rage, danger or motivation. Lavender: This is a calming color that symbolizes intuition, wisdom, imagination, and spiritual healing.

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October 24 Zodiac

Tuesday — This is the day of Mars that shows you are determined to overcome all challenges in your path. Friday — This is the day of Venus that symbolizes a day when you will share good relations with loved ones and splurge on what you like. Your lucky gemstone is Topaz which can help you find your true calling in life. It improves your self-esteem and independence.

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A leather jacket for the man and a pair of classy leather pants for the woman. Tags October scorpio.

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Being a bit older, turning 38 this Oct. I LOVE to eat! I know, poor little me. Your email address will not be published. Share Facebook Twitter Pinterest. Zodiac Astrology. Alene Levin October 24, at pm. Ali Azzak April 12, at pm.

Love and Compatibility for October 24 Zodiac

Ozzy Gary February 28, at pm. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. They show a lot of pride and self-confidence. They are good for prominent positions, also able to be successful in the military. They can formulate excellent projects and skillfully implement them.

OCT. 2019 Prediction for Your ZODIAC SIGN🔮

They should try to overcome their tendencies to get angry, jealous and impish, and learn to appreciate the opinions of others. Uneasiness awaits them in marriage. A woman born on this day knows her way around the kitchen and governs the household well.

October 24 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

Her character is unconventional — for she is original, independent and sometimes shows tendencies for mockery. Still, she is generally liked. Despite of that, their organism is unusually sensitive and easily prone to infection. Their lives are in some way very dramatic, and these people are so connected to negative aspects of their lives, that pain is closely related in their lives because their ability to convincingly express themselves is usually based on long-standing experience.

So it is a learning process for those born on October These are by no means calm and cold and analytical people, and in principle, they feel the need to communicate themselves and their discoveries to the world, and this usually works for the benefit of the people born on this day.

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  • October 24 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility.

These people, as many possessive Scorpios, are, prone to control, and they like to manage everything, situations and people also. They tend to control others and to want to dominate either in their family life, either in social circles or their workplace. One thing you need to know about Scorpios, they are incredibly intuitive people who can anticipate well, so you never should try to fool these people, because they can see through your intentions. These people have strong religious feelings that manage their work to a certain extent. There are things in which they are fanatic in things they are involved in.

Some of the people born this day can be attracted to the scene, and will often be tempted in this regard, but primarily in the way that they want to express their creativity and passion.

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They need to learn to be more diplomatic, and they are known for their mood that can often change but is always temperamental. They need to overcome this, and to work hard — the more they work, the bigger the success is. The main advice for these Scorpios is to learn to be more generous, especially in material things, we are talking about giving more to those who are in need. The must learn to manage themselves to be more in balance since it is the basis for every success.

Love problems, possessions and jealousy are not unknown to them, they can live with the knowledge that their love must be connected to the pain, and that the more they suffer, the more they love. This can become so pathologically that they need to seek a professional for these problems. Also, people born this day as true Scorpios must bear in mind that they are prone to sexual journeys of all kinds — they are passionate and sensitive at the same time- but it can sometimes go in the direction that their emotional tendencies are turned to possessiveness and jealousy.